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New album Circles is OUT NOW! The album is available on limited edition vinyl and cd.
Each unique vinyl copy is made of 100% recycled granulate and available in an array of colours.
5% of sales will be donated to brain recovery support charity, GETaHEAD.

Here are some nice things that have been written about Circles:
'arguably one of the most engaging and under-appreciated creative forces around today' - Broken8Records (AUS)
'dreamy, floaty compositions that are a counterweight to darkness' - Luminous Dash (BE)
'Serene post-rock guitar work and spacey synth ambience' - Obscure Sound (US)
'a sonic immersion that transcends the expectations of conventional post-rock' - Radio Armazem (BR)
'a journey through emotional highs and lows, captured in artfully woven sound carpets that captivate the listener' - AM:PLIFIED (DE)

I recently had the privilege of speaking to H.I. Art on the Edge about my musical roots. the new Thistle Sifter album and how the project has evolved from a form of trauma therapy into a live band in recent times.
Listen to the podcast here

Thanks to everyone who came to the release show on Saturday 27th January at De Nijverheid in Utrecht.  
Read the 3voor12Utrecht review

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Photo by Lisanne Lentink

Thistle Sifter is an ambient instrumental post-rock project by English musician Pete Barnes (Utrecht, NL). New album Circles is the follow-up to 2022’s debut A Spectral Moon, based on a serious cycling accident that literally catapulted Barnes into disarray in November 2020. Circles is inspired by personal struggles with health, acceptance and letting go of the past. The result is a powerful ambient instrumental record inspired by Brexit, Covid and the difficult, ongoing path to Barnes’ recovery.

“An ethereal and almost spiritual journey” – The Sounds Won’t Stop (US)
“Unique soundscapes and fascinating ambience” – Post-Rock Central (UK)
“For fans of calm, ambient-oriented post-rock” – AM:plified Magazine (DE)
“A Spectral Moon is a hauntingly beautiful debut” – Luminous Dash (BE)
“Cinematic and fairytale-esque” – 3voor12 Utrecht (NL)